ORS Licensing

Open Radio Station

Rapid.Space Open Radio Station (ORS) accelerates the deployment of 4G or 5G for private and public networks.

Rapid.Space ORS can be configured as an autonomous base station combining RRU, BBU and core network into a single, compact enclosure. This setup is ideal for private converged networks, defence or rescue missions.

Rapid.Space ORS can be configured as a managed BBU or RRU connected to an existing core network through S1 interface. This setup is ideal for densification of existing 4G or 5G networks.

Rapid.Space ORS uses a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable for power supply and TCP/IP backhaul. It supports synchronisation over GPS.

ORS Types

Model ORS-39 ORS-38 ORS-42 ORS-43 ORS-OD
CPU Intel i5
Power 65W PoE
Network 1 Gbps POE
OS GNU/Linux (open source)
NMS SlapOS (open source)
vRAN stack Amarisoft with bult-in eNodeB • gNodeB • core network
Dimensions 170 x 102 x 240 mm • 2.4 kg
Certifications EN 301 489-52 • EN 301 489-19 • EN 62479 • EN 62368-1 • EN 60950-22 • RoHS
Radio power (mean) 2 x 0.5 W (upgradeable to 2 x 1.1W)
Radio power (peak) 2 x 4.5 W 2 x 2.2 W < 2 x 4.5 W
LTE Bands (TDD) B39 B38 B42 B43, B48 < 6 GHz
NR Brands (TDD) N39 N38 N78, N77 N48, N78 < 6 GHz

Rapid.Space ORS hardware uses a modular design which supports multiple frequencies. Support of FDD and other frequencies is possible on demand.

Rapid.Space ORS can be shipped worldwide. Certification for EU (CE) is pending. Certification for USA (FCC), China and Japan is possible on demand.

Open Source Software

Rapid.Space ORS is tested and certified for Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system and SlapOS operation management (OM) system. ORS is preconfigured with Rapid.Space operation management (OM) service, which is also open source.

Nexedi's SlapOS provides the OSS/BSS and edge cloud stack.

Nexedi's re6st provides the latency optimised hybrid mesh.

Accton's OpenAOS provides the network operationg system of switches.

Amarisoft stack provides 4G/5G vRAN stack.

Inside ORS: 3.5" SBC (not open source)

Rapid.Space ORS includes a small board computer (3.5" form factor) made by Commell in Taiwan. Different suppliers are possible. 

Inside ORS: SDR (open source)

Rapid.Space ORS includes a software defined radio (SDR) manufactured and assembled in France by Rapid.Space. Because it is open source, other suppliers might exist in the future. 

Licensing options

  Open Source OEM
IP ownership (design files) Libre Endowment Fund
IP ownership (documentation) Rapid.Space
Design files License AGPL proprietary
Specification and BOM files
SDR design files
Case design files
SBC design files
Connected UEs must access design files
Design files can be modified and improved
FDL name must be visible
Modifications must be shared
Design files can be sub-licensed ✅ (AGPL)
Price 0 flexible

Intellectual property of the hardware is owned by the Libre Endowment Fund, a non-profit organisation.

Intellectual property of the documentation is owned by Rapid.Space International.

Rapid.Space ORS can be licensed either under open source license or under proprietary license.

One should consider the OEM license if one is willing to produce Rapid.Space ORS without having to :

  • display the FDL brand on the case and SDR board ;
  • provide access to design files to every UE which is connected ;
  • share modifications made to design files.

Otherwide, one should consider the open source license.

Production options

  Lead time Sourcing Restrictions Export Restrictions
Rapid.Space (France) 8 weeks
Do it yourself  N/A N/A 

Rapid.Space ORS can be produced by Rapid.Space or by other suppliers, as long as they respect the conditions of the IP licensing options (open source or OEM).

All components can be easily sourced in France. This might not be the case in other countries.

Rapid.Space ORS may however face export restrictions from France to certain countries due to US export restrictions.

Design extension options

  Tax Break Tax Credit Export Restrictions
Donate cash to the Libre Endowment Fund ✅ (France)
❌ (oustide France)
Purchase from Rapid.Space
Do it yourself N/A

It is possible to extend Rapid.Space ORS either by making a donation to the Libre Endowment Fund, by purchasing design services to Rapid.Space or by doing it yourself.

Donations to the Libre Endowment Fund are the right approach if one can benefit from tax breaks in France or from the absence of export restrictions for donations. The Libre Endowment Fund will either hire expertise or outsource the design effort for extensions.

Purchase of design services from Rapid.Space is the right approach outside France, especially in EU, Japan or US.

Do it yourself could be the best apprach in countries with government subsidies, as long as some expertise exists for the design high frequency electronics.

Thank You

  • Rapid.Space International
  • Paris
  • +33629024425 - jp@rapid.space

For more information, please contact Jean-Paul, CEO of Rapid.Space (+33 629 02 44 25 or jp@rapid.space).