Propose a Project

The following form can be used to propose a new project to the Fond de Dotation du Libre (FDL). It is not mandatory to be a registered member or having made previous donations to either association in order to propose a new project. However, should you or the organisation(s) you represent have a vested interest in the software you are requesting to maintain or improve within the scope of a project, actively supporting the project through donating to FDL is highly appreciated and of course one of criteria that determines which accepted project is undertaken at what time.

Contact Information

Project Executive Summary

1. Project Objective

Describe the project and context for a non-technical audience (max. 50 lines)

2. Expected Results

What are the project deliverables? Please be as specific as possible.

3. Software Usage

Describe in which context the software is being used by you, your organisation or the market in general.

4. Software Needs

Explain in more techincal detail what the project should comprise. This part should mention, why this project is required to be undertaken and why it is not possible by the original creators/maintainers of the software.

5. Strategic Objective

Describe the strategic objective of the project and involved partners. Provide information on what technologies already exist, which ones are being used, their position on the market along with their strenghts and weaknesses.