This page lists the current members and public donors of FDL. Membership is open to legal entities (organisations, institutions, associations) and individuals. For details on how to become a member of FDL, please refer to the contact.

Corporate and Institutional Members

Nexedi Logo Nexedi Website

Nexedi is the largest open source software publisher in Europe with a portfolio more than 10 original software products and a code base of more than 15,000,000 lines. Nexedi was founded in 2001 with the creation of ERP5, an open source ERP/CRM/ECM/MES software for deploying complex, mission-critical “Enterprise Applications”. ERP5 is being used at companies such as Airbus (satellite imaging), Central Bank of West Africa (currency management), Sanef (tolling clearance) or PSA Groupe (automotive manufacturing control) looking for more flexibility and higher quality than traditional “Enterprise Application” products can provide.

Since 2010, Nexedi group's ViFiB subsidiary has operated a distributed mesh cloud (DMC) present in more than 10 countries and 35 sites. ViFiB is one of the inventors of edge computing with the SlapOS edge computing and orchestration solution being used to deploy most of Nexedi's client applications. In 2014, Nexedi entered into a strategic partnership with the "scikit-learn" community with the objective of creating Wendelin, a big data solution designed to surpass Cloudera or Hadoop in the field of industrial Big Data. Wendelin is deployed for edge data collection, storage and analysis on more than 500 wind turbines in Germany. In 2017, Nexedi launched SlapOS NMS, an open source telecommunication network management system, which combines elements of aforementioned solutions to provide a software specifically tailored for managing large-scale telecommunication networks. SlapOS is also used to run Teralab, an award-winning platform permitting french public institutions to conduct joint Big Data research on highly sensitive datasets.

Nexedi has a strong focus on research aimed at creating marketable open source solutions. The company participates in numerous French and European Research projects to define standards (H2020: PRISTINE) or develop innovative open source solutions (FP7: DREAM, Eurostars: WINDELIN, BPI: OSTV), whose results all form building blocks of the company's current technology.

Amarisoft Logo Amarisoft Website

Amarisoft is the inventor of virtual radio access network (VRAN) technology. Memberof the of FT120, a group of 120 fast-growth technology companies in France, it is the sole supplier worldwide of a software defined radio (SDR) technology that can transform a genericIntel PC into a 4G/5G base station, an approach that is now marketed worldwide by Samsung. Amarisoft stack virtualises most 3GPP protocols, including the PHY layer. Thanks to Amarisoft, it is possible to cut dependency to companies such Huawei or ZTE. and implement4G/5G infrastructures at even lower cost with full sovereignty and licensed access to source code.

Rapid Space Logo Rapid Space Website

Created in 2020 Rapid.Space is the only reversible European cloud operator without dependency, that is completely open source, i.e. whose technologies can be audited, improved or duplicated. The Rapid.Space global cloud has Points-of-Presence in France, Sweden, China, Japan, the US and Russia and specialises in high-performance low-cost servers which can be rented from Rapid.Space or any franchise partner integrating their servers into the Rapid.Space managed network.